Just a couple of quick fire questions for you to start off with:

Favorite horror film?

The Exorcist

Favorite Horror Book?

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Favorite Horror Actor / Actress?

Christopher Lee

Last book you read?

Europe at Midnight by Dave Hutchinson

Last horror film you watched?

Crimson Peak

Ok now on to the meatier questions:


If you had to describe the best thing about the horror genre in three words, what would they be?

Twisting ordinary life.

Imagine you had infinite resources to create any sort of fiction, comic, show or screenplay based in the horror genre. What would you ultimate project look like? How do your current goals as a writer align with that project?

I’d like to do a comic book based on female character, sort of fallen angel, with the ability to know people’s past. She takes brutal revenge for their crimes. It would have a noir feel and secondary characters caught up by their past mistakes and so serving the ‘angel’. I’ve written a short story and would like to work it up into a novel at some stage.


How did you get started writing horror?

Wrote some ghost short stories and then someone suggested one of them could work as a novel. It’s a bit different but definitely a ghost story.

What writers have influenced your work the most? What part of their writing (character development, plot, descriptions) has had the most impact in the way you write?

I think Stephen King’s scope is amazing. I wanted to write the ghost story in first person present tense, because that’s what it needed to work, and I read a lot of Chuck Palahniuk to get a feel for first present, though he’s the master, the voice, world and character he puts across just blow me away.

The saying goes, “art imitates life.” In what ways has your writing imitated your life? Do you draw mainly from experience or imagination?

Mostly imagination, so don’t take a great deal from real life, though the settings for the stories are real and with some real detail, sometimes you see someone on the street and for some reason it’s an image that stays with you.

Do you think the horror genre has changed over the past few years and if so in what ways?

There’s a lot of indie horror, which is great, and it’s completely possible to make your own short horror films, which I think is fantastic and would be great fun.

Do you have a ritual before you sit down and start writing?

Turn off the internet and then I usually re-read the work from the previous session to get back into the story.


Are you attending any horror conventions this year?

No, haven’t been to a convention but it’s something I want to do.


What is your next release and what can your readers look forward to?

Not sure, would like to write the fallen angel book, also have a ghost hunter book set in London on the go. Some people have asked if there will be another book in the Soul Mate series, and I am working on a new one for early next year.


A little more about Richard Crawford:

Richard Crawford writes horror (ghost stories) and epic fantasy. He is the author of the novels Ghost House, Ghost Town and Ghost Mate (The Soul Mate series) and the Traitor Blade Books 1-3, (epic/historical fantasy and recent semi-finalist in the Self Published Blog for fantasy books). His new book, Ghost Street will be released in early 2017.