Favorite horror film?

Monster Squad

Favorite Horror Book?

Cujo had the strongest impact on me as a kid, so it gets the nod.

Favorite Horror Actor / Actress?

Stephen Dorff! Killed it in The Gate, then again 30 odd years later in Blade.

Last book you read?

The Name of the Rose

Last horror film you watched?

Hmm, it’s been a while. The Descent, maybe?

Ok now on to the meatier questions:

If you had to describe the best thing about the horror genre in three words, what would they be?

Monsters, Mayhem, and… thinking of another M word… Michael Meyers? How about Mockery. Not full on mockery, but good horror tends to include a healthy dose of satire; it’s able to tell a truth through some ridiculous means.

How did you get started writing horror?

I’m pretty new to this game. I’ve always been a sci-fi writer, but a few of the stories I wanted to tell fit so much better in the horror genre. I love sci-fi for the freedom to explore “what-if” questions; that’s always been more of the appeal than some interest in the mechanics of space travel or whatever. Turns out that horror is also a fertile ground for “what-if” stories, and in horror you’re not limited to the realm of science; you can ask “what-if” questions related to psychology, spirituality, religion, or the deep, sometimes illogical fears we harbor deep down.

What writers have influenced your work the most? What part of their writing (character development, plot, descriptions) has had the most impact in the way you write?

Stephen King basically taught me how to write. Kurt Vonnegut taught me to trust my own inelegant, Midwestern voice.

The saying goes, “art imitates life.” In what ways has your writing imitated your life? Do you draw mainly from experience or imagination?

This always happens in unintentional, unforeseen ways. I’ve never fought Bigfoot or got stuck in a timeloop like my characters, but almost every time I finish a book, I realize that my character’s central problem was something I myself was dealing with in some way. Maybe this betrays a lack of self-awareness on my part, but I never go into a book thinking, I want to write a story that thematically touches on the captivity of modern society… I just think, I want to write a story where this poor girl has to defend herself from a rampaging Bigfoot.

Are you attending any horror conventions this year?

Not currently in the plans, but we’ll see!


What is your next release and what can your readers look forward to?

I’m working on a sequel to my most recent book. It’s called Serpent of the Loch, and I hope to have it out in a few months.


A little more about Brennan Beard:

Brennan Beard is a one-time screenwriter, farmhand, shoe-salesman, early childhood physical educator, and medical researcher. His first self-published book, Devil of the Forest, was released in Nov 2016. A sequel, Serpent of the Loch, is scheduled for release in early 2017.