Sanitarium Issue 34


PDF, epub and mobi files included


Cop Suckers by Anthony Hanks
To the Chair of Theology by Dylan Henderson
Wulver’s Wail by Liam C
The Patients In Room 116 by Gary L. Robbe
Full Moon Run by Caitlin Marceau
Tick, Thump by Kat Hawthorne
The Tea Lady by Stephanie Ellis
Animal Cruelty by Martin Smith
Clarissa’s Fate by Allan James Welsh
Old Hag by H.H. Bond
Eyes by Ian Sputnik
Falling by P. L. McMillan
The Stone Tablets by Max Stanton
A Movement in the Shadows by Edward Ahern
The Hellequin of Volterrum by Tawny Kipphorn
Die Eule by Alex Ross
Crow’s Feet by Eric Frost-Barnes
Worldwide Job by Michael Schutz-Ryan
Chalk by Sam Potter
The Time of Vines by Joseph Danoski

On the record with:

Luna Wolf
Sky Sharks Writer and Director
Diabolique Editor-in-Chief – Max Weinstein
L.A Macabre Writer and director Daniel Ast


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