Sanitarium Issue 29 contains 8 Stories, 3 Dark Verse, Top 10, Group Therapy & Interviews

  • Megan’s House by Julia Benally
  • A Cast Of Thousands by James Michael Shoberg
  • Baby Jesus by HH Bond
  • The Vampyre by Charles Martin
  • Bleedthrough by Scarlett R. Algee
  • If you look long enough by Izaak Stoakes
  • Heartless by Calvin Demmer
  • The Current by Spinster Eskie
  • Audrey at Night by Gwendolyn Kiste
  • The One Eyed King by Taylor Johnson
  • Fester by Vince Rodriguez

In addition to these fear inflicting horror short stories, you will also find out:

  • News – We cover up and coming anthologies and collections awaiting your submissions
  • See whoís riding high in the US and UK Kindle charts.
  • We spend time in the Hope Spot with R. Donald James Gauvreau
  • We are introduced to Fran Jacobs and Clodia Metelli and their take on the Ancient Walking Dead
  • Exploring the Darker Side of our Fears: Splatterpunk as Literature By Noah C. Patterson
  • Another Question is posed to the Vampire Queen
  • We spend a moment with horror writers and comic book creators Dark Pond Creations
  • And we see “Where the Horror Happens” with Wayne Simmons

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