Sanitarium Issue 25 contains 9 Stories, 3 Dark Verse, Top 10, Group Therapy & Interviews

  • Chasm by Geoffrey Marsh
  • Sick by Lucretia Vastea
  • Cleaning Up Old Memories by Hal Kempka
  • Repo by Leslie Bohem
  • The Tunnel by William R. Soldan
  • The Inner Eye by Dempsey Wilson
  • The Flea Circus by Joe Prosit
  • The Darkness by Ian Sputnik
  • Daniel’s Scream by Patrick Winters
  • The Things Beneath the Stairs by Luke Tarzian
  • The Sentinel by Comateta M. Clifton
  • The Worlds First Female Vampire by Reg Rhodes
  • See who’s riding high in the US and UK Kindle charts.
  • We spend time in the Hope Spot with R. Donald James Gauvreau
  • We spend a moment with Richard Thomas
  • And we see “Where the Horror Happens” with Sydney Leigh

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