Sanitarium Issue 18


PDF, epub and mobi files included


Covering the Ghosts by Fallon Stoeffler
Infinite by Luke Tarzian
Dead Meat by Kim Culpepper
Iocaste Complex by A. Sasha Seymour
The Screaming by Paul Michael Moreau
On Wicked Wings by David Anthony
Forks by Paul Magnan
And His Heart Burned by Joshua D. Thomas
The Private Thoughts of Carol Dawson #46 by W.B. Stickel
My Blade, Like the Moon by Patrick A. Bernardy
Go Fetch by James Michael Shoberg

See who’s riding high in the US and UK Kindle charts.
Reviews from Casey Chaplin.
Another question is posed to the Vampire Queen.
We spend a moment with Evil Jester Presents
And we see “Where the Horror Happens” with D.R Gordon


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